Becember Jars

December 5, 2014


Somehow, it is already the sixth of the month.

And when I look at the days ahead, it seems our calendar is bursting with events. As if we have a marathon course of occasions that need to be run at a sprinter’s speed. Do you feel it, too?

For years I wondered, how can we pace ourselves? And I realized it wasn’t by throwing everything out, getting rid of all the holiday cheer {although it was mighty tempting}. The best way for me was to down-shift our focus from our endless to-do list and spend a breath of time being with our children.

Just a moment. Each morning. When they unscrew the lid of their Becember Jars. Jars filled with an I-love-you-note for each day. Focused not on what they do, but who they are. I love your devotion to reading…I love your clear sense of style…I love how joyfully you to give to others…I love how clearly you speak your mind…I love being with you.

Some mornings they read them aloud. On others a sly grin spreads across their face, and they silently tuck the note away. Either way, they know we see them. In a jar full of ways, we are saying I feel your heart and hear your soul. These are, in essence, advent calendar of love. And no matter our faith or family traditions, love for a child, deeply given, speaks to the spirit and magic of the season. So why not? Right now. Grab a jar, a pen, a scrap of paper. Build your own Becember. Fête the is-ness of each child. What aspect of who they are will you revel in each day? I’d love to know. Snap pictures. Share stories. Keep me posted.

And Happy Becember.



  1. In this season of advent, focusing on being who we are — fully! — is such a gift to our kids. I really love your approach to it.
    With two kids already out of the house, this will give me a way to stay connected to them, even though we aren’t seeing them around the meal table (yet).
    Thank you!!

    • when they do get home, please give them love from all of us. xoxo

  2. brilliant

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